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Quite similar to the weather one finds in Ireland, Scotland's position on the edge of the continent of Europe, with the sea encircling on three sides, means that the weather in Scotland is generally varied. Indeed, it is much like one's golf game - some days superb and some days a small bit testing.

Records show that the months of May and June are usually that little bit drier than July and August, when the average monthly rainfall is at it's highest. Having said that, though the visitor to Scottish shores is certainly advised to arrive prepared for the elements, they should not necessarily expect inclement weather.

Generally speaking, the east coast of Scotland tends to be cool and dry, while the west coast is often a slight bit milder and wetter. Importantly for golfers though, if it does indeed rain, given Scotland's ever-changing weather patterns, chances are that it will not last long.

Importantly, Scotland boasts long summer daylight hours with the sun setting over Shetland as late as 10:34 p.m. This of course leaves plenty of time to enjoy a 36-hole day or to fit in many other excursions or activities following your round.

It is generally warm between May and September, increasingly cooler from October through January and getting milder again from February onwards. The average summer temperatures range from 15 - 22 degrees Celsius, which correlates approximately to 55 - 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

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