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Golf Travel Scotland's Vacation Planning section aims to provide the golf traveller to Scotland with a wide array of information, which will prove invaluable in helping to plan their golf vacation to Scotland.

The information provided below will certainly be of great benefit in terms of preparations and options but due to the complexities of arranging every element of your golf trip, the use of an established golf travel company is recommended.

The following areas are profiled in detail so just click below to go directly to the relevant section.

Travel Tips - Useful tips from shopping, currency and gratuities to tax refunds and recommended restaurants.
Weather - Details on what weather and climate to expect in Scotland, including a five-day forecast.
Travelling Times - Expected travelling times are provided from golf course to golf course and to and from major cities and airports.
Daylight Hours - Sunrise and sunset times for Scotland enable the golfer to plan for a 36-hole day on the links.
Transport - Information on international access to Scotland and transport options when travelling within Scotland. Includes relevant links to airlines and airports.
Restaurants - Recommended restaurants in Scotland are listed on a regional basis with details and contact numbers.
Activities - Not just special in terms of its world class golf courses, Scotland offers a wide range of other activities from hill walking to fishing.


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